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Rob Bravery
“Hedonistic Graveyard”

Just before diving balls-deep into this week’s music-bloggy-reportage action, we should perhaps own up a little bit and confess that things got a tad stupid this weekend. Specifically, between the 1700 hours on Saturday, and 0400 hours on Sunday. Saturday’s hitch was, most of you should be thankful for, localised to some close friends that we found ourselves gathered around in the back garden of a lovely home in North London; suffice to say (especially for the sake of our younger readers) one should never ever EVER acquiesce to drinking game that requires one to introduce an intimate part of one’s anatomy to a spatula, or any other cooking utensil for that matter. It’s just not cool. Secondly, and probably more relevently to our majority readership (or rather Twitter following), one should never ever EVER click on strange links that require one to enter one’s password and username into a completely-German hyperlink that has fuck all to do with what that hyperlink pertains to direct one to. Soundtracking our genuine regret for actions we don’t care to repeat any time soon is this superb number from Rob Bravery, a one man juggernaut of a band that beefs himself up in a live context with several others and has since not gone unnoticed by several music industry bods. Hedonistic Graveyard displays the songwriting prowess of Badly Drawn Boy and Rufus Wainwright and is delivered with the conviction of Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes and/or Tom Waits, the track itself having been released a few months back. It really is that impressive, and very much a pleasure to listen on repeat when feeling sorry for oneself. Tour dates are coming in thick and fast, including confirmed appearances at Music Week Breakout and Young & Lost in August and September respectively. Get down on it.

Rob Bravery – Hedonistic Graveyard

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