Ladies and gentledudes, today’s post is rather special. More of a mindfuck, if you will. Set aside the fact we’ve very recently featured an entirely extra-continental act called Holland, we’ve a completely seperate anecdote by which to bring context to our latest subject for topical discussion. So gather round, get comfy, and we’ll tell you some shit. Ahem. Approximately four summers ago, at a particularly rainy Bestival located on the Isle of Wight, we were stuck in a two-man-tent-sold-to-us-as-a-six-man-tent with our special ladyfriend, her best mate, and two of our bestest mates. This took the semblence of the following:

While it wasn’t a fantastic experience not being able to sit down for a good 36 hours owing to the rain cloud that had enveloped the entire Isle, there were more than a few fun-tastic scenarios that year’s festivites had to offer, which included the above. So, there we were, 5 of us huddled together, drinking beers, smoking smokes and cracking jokes, when from out of the tent-canvassed wilderness came a voice calling for help. The voice, as memory served, was primarily enquiring as to whether we could spare any food; for the owner of this voice, later identified as one Matthew Bishop, had consumed so much cereal-based foodstuffs over the course of the weekend so far, that, they claimed, their “shit had turned into straw”. After having a rather extensive giggle upon hearing this proclaimation, young Matthew Bishop and co were provided with the remenants of some sort of cake that one of our number happened to have on their person. Fast-forward to this very day, Matthew Bishop, all growed-up and done-gone to University, has formed a band by the name of Netherlands – and by gum, he (and they) have done rather well in this new venture. With a headline slot at Young & Lost‘s acoustic night at The Lock Tavern on 4th August locked in, Amour displays a talent for songwriting penmanship far beyond the young years we assume this band to be; think blotches of Turin Brakes mixed with Good Dancers-style The Sleepy Jackson, and perhaps elements of Alt-J (we called them Films when we featured them on here bloody ages ago) in a more modern context. Check out the alternate video version of the track in the educational-video-laden once you’ve eased into the longer soundcloud track; we promise you’ll dig it.

Netherlands – Amour


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