About three years ago, on this very day (sorta), we found ourselves on a bona fide deep sea fishing boat moored in one of many of harbours encompassing the island of Hawaii. It may have possibly been the peninsula pointy bit that seems to be giving Maui the finger. But whatever. The captain’s name being Mike, and the first mate’s name being…Cousin-something…we were joined by a plethora of nationalities eager to plunder the bounties available in the sapphire-blue pacific waters – specifically, we had a Japanese couple, some venerable Australian gentlemen, a Dutch couple (the guy did not stop throwing up over the side of the boat for a good three hours), and a family of Americans from California lead by their over-zealous father, who was a lawyer, judging by his rather outspoken satellite-phone conversations with “the firm”, who would rather conveniently call American Dad anytime he had managed to capture the attention of the entire boat by bragging loudly about how he knew all there was to know about this particular past time. We ultimately did catch one fish, who caused such dismay to Cousin first-matey that he ran over and cut our line as we were reeling the bugger in, possibly owing to the fact that this particular fish was (a) endangered and (b) a carrier for a rather nasty toxin, and thus we had a pretty minging rash literally on our hands for the next couple of days. Whilst it may seem rather obvious to open up the floor for our new Track Of The Day-ers Fishing with such an elaborate story about, well, fishing, the one final thing we’ll never forget about that day is how goddamn beautiful it was. The same might be said of the band’s track OOOO – elements of The Go Team mixed with 90’s dance-beat providers Wiseguys as well as some inherent projectile summery vibes make this a great little number with which to get our nostalgia on. Set to hit London in a big way on the 14th July in the form of hot-stepping music pushers Scene Not Herd, at their new residence in the form of the Old Blue Last (which coincidentally we’re DJing at), we’re dead keen to see what’s next in store for this prolific  Australian duo.


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