Good Dangers_FI

Good Dangers
“So Unkind”

Summer appears to be just an incredibly busy time for everyone in general. Via the medium of our respective Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, all the current news we seem to receive revolves around this notion of busying oneself – booking agents are busy following their acts to festivals around the world; London gig-goers are busy deciding whether hitting up Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes, Pulp at Hyde Park or Prince at Hop Farm is the best way to blow out this weekend (the answer is in fact Prince); chiller-outers are busy watching more tennis than any normal person should in one sitting; ants are busy growing wings and being annoying to everybody concerned. From where we’re sitting, we couldn’t be more content that the summer has well and truly arrived in this fashion – and summery vibes need equally strong summer tunes to back it up. Enter London’s Good Dangers, who surfaced a few months back in the blogo-radar-detectors, and just at the beginning of last month revealed this chunky clip of true-cool indie anthemishness. Fans of Two Door Cinema Club (who have recently entered our “Most Frequently Repeated Words In Blog Posts Chart 2011” at a respectable #6), The Cure and Band Of Horses will no doubt be delighted to catch this particular wind. You can even download the bugger via their bandcamp, or perhaps even catch them live on the 14th July at the Hoxton Underbelly. Isn’t summer great?


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