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Little Leagues

We do pride ourselves on making our posts relevant to the environment we find ourselves in at the time of posting. Usually, this means chatting about Brighton, the weather, or both if you’re really lucky. We’re opting for the weather (again) this time around, based on the shocking and muggy heat London and the rest of the country has been blasted with over the course of the last two, possibly three days. This is, as some of you may well have guessed at this critical stage, the first point of relevancy for our latest TOTD subjects Little Leagues and their stonker of a tune by the name of Sunlight. The second point of relevancy is how bloody good this upbeat slice of jagged indie-pop makes us feel on the inside, like some sort of zen karate-man getting some words of wisdom from their respective sensai. Representative of like-elements from Foals and Two Door Cinema Club on the mainstream front, coupled with touches of Tellison and Dartz (RIP, but look them up for god’s sake) on the rising-spectrum, these four chaps from Barnstaple are causing quite the stir in their own locality, and  sure as shit rolls downhill they’ll start permeating down to the mean streets of London in no time at all.

[bandcamp track=3366950214  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

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