“Poster Boys”

We read somewhere and heard on more than a few occasions that “guitar music is dead”. Or,  to perhaps better addressing the issue in a more acute manner, Radio 1 won’t play guitar music. The ostensible reaction from the masses to this might be something along the lines of “guitar music is whack, yo”. Rising new upstarts Belgrade play guitars – three of them to be precise – and they are not fucking whack. Quite the opposite. Poster Boys exemplifies a breed of penmanship in terms of both lyrical content and musical composition that would have most dubsteppin’ tourists quaking in their booties; a creeping, unsuspecting intro with equally non-assuming vocals suddenly exploding all over your earlobes, which may well herald in the best era of British indie for quite some time. References to The National, Joy Division, Symposium‘s proudest bits and My Vitriol are rife throughout this little number, and Belgrade may well be on their way to their comparisons’ respective places in guitar music’s rich tapestry. They can be caught live at My Band’s Better Than Your Band @ Old Queen’s Head on 8th July, and we’ll be a monk’s unc if we’re not down there.

Belgrade – Poster Boys

As we’ve started to do this on the reg, and because there just happens to be another corker of a track on the band’s soundcloud, we’re doubling up here folks.

Belgrade – Marathon Man

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