Not to be confused with Pennie-from-The-Automatic’s side project of the same namesake, although admittedly we’re not sure if that particular act is still actually trucking, Midlands champions of crazy electronic beats Decibels have been busying themselves of late by gaining a reputation of not just owning the scene they find themselves in, but bursting out of it entirely to make their own unique stance on proceedings. Describing themselves as gender-neutral, despite the fact they are all clearly boys with toys based on our own visual interpretations of the above picture (we did take a whole five minutes over it, which in music land is the equivalent in “having a good chin wag” or “pinching a good loaf”), they’re coming from a solid (or not, going by the range of influences present here) sonic base consisting of Crystal Castles, These New Puritans, the more electronic-ish bits of Freelance Whales, and one of our favourite 8-bit manipulators Midi Midis. Somehow their kinetic-vibed video for Emily managed to sail by the bulk of the blogisphere. That’s a crime in itself. So we’re fixing that now, obviously. Even better news is that they’re hitting up London’s 93 Feet East on 20th July, having laid the smacketh downeth at the Camden Barfly a couple of days ago, which gives you Glastonbury-goers more than enough time to wipe your muddy feet and get your act together.


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