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Introducing…Grass House

Just over a year ago or so…hang on, this isn’t January any more, is it? Longer than just over a year ago or so, we rolled into work at a certain Acton-based-now-probably-defunct-so-called-indie label to find one of those “not enough postage” slips that Royal Mail give you when they basically want more money. Now, if you’ve had one of these slips handed to you, you instinctively feel it’s so critically important that you complete the delivery transaction, lest you forget about it and you will ultimately get a bollocking if it doesn’t turn up. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know what it is. It’s got your fucking name on it; hence it is your problem. So we “borrowed” some stamps  from the big bosses’ assistant (cheers Jade), returned the slip, and like magic the postie turns up with what appears to be just a demo CD; wrapped in newspaper, with some black paint stencilling on it, with the words Plough More Sky EP etched on it’s covering. It can’t be though, surely. We’ve committed crimes to get our hands on this. It’s important shit. Lives will be lost if we don’t get these life-changing materials to hand. We open the package. It’s a demo CD. Thus began our love affair with London’s Grass House….


If we’ve given the impression that we were a bit miffed with the result, regarding the above tale-telling, we do apologise; it’s not as if the material described was unsolicited, and seeing as the music industry is technically one of the largest body of infringers of musical copyright out of, well, everyone else, sticking a couple of stamps on a piece of paper really isn’t too much to ask. Since self-releasing the aforementioned EP circa early 2010, supported strongly by the lead track A Cockroach, the band have gone from strength to strength, landing some sweet radio play on 6Music, and being championed by the likes of Artrocker, A New Band A Day, and a whole bunch of other tastemakery-online-scenester types. We’re also rather happy to say that, in our view at least, the band have used this time to develop their own sound – this is not to say this is a rapid departure away from the Nick Cave and/or Grinderman stylings that made them appealing to us in the first place, but rather they have honed their craft to become very much their own band. And they’ve got beards. You KNOW how we feel about beards.


Grass House – Good Morning Industry

So wha’gwanin’ bluds? The band are gearing up to release the track A Crade, A Short Breath (yeah, that video at the top there) on 27th June in form of a postcard. You can’t listen to the postcard itself, because that’s just stupid (unless by sheer coinky-dink Apple’s R&D eggheads are developing the first iPostcard with playback ability, in which case WE WANT FUCKING IN), but there will be some code or instructable method contained therein which will allow you to download the bugger. Clever boys. Please note that if you decide to purchase said postcard and subsequently send it to somebody as, like, a gift or something, put some stamps on it. What’s even better is that these four chapsters will be celebrating the fact that there is another triumphant release hitting the streets by throwing a single release party at the world-famous Old Blue Last on the 28th June. Get down there and party hard.

Grass House – Bottom Of The Sea


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