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Tyrannosaurus Dead
“Better Than You”

Oh Brighton. Our not so home and native land. We’ll forgo the standard recollections of how we partied so very hard in our favourite south coast beachy location, mainly as Brighton is actually the most mentioned word on this blog, just a few notches ahead of “and/or”, which we all know isn’t a word. Although by sheer co-incidence, yesterday we were pleased to learn (sort of) that we are attending a certain former housemate’s stag do this summer in Brighton while the annual Gay Pride Festival is taking place. It was in this same sitting that Tyrannosaurus Dead became known to us (being from Brighton, a bit) as the next in line to take Alternative Indie Rock crown, having been rumoured to be poised to knock current flag-bearers Yuck off the top spot (by the two guys that told us about them last night). More akin to Billy Bragg in a lyrical sense than being an outright stereotype of the recent crop of bands being Sonic Youth, there are several points of charming genius right here that might put Let’s Wrestle  or Wet Paint a tad on the envious side of proceedings – and this is only a very early demo. On a personal note of nostaglia, this strongly reminds us of The Muscle Club‘s best bits. We’re anxiously awaiting more from this lot.

Tyrannosaurus Dead – Better Than You (demo)

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  1. Stacy

    Well, what a great track. My friends have seen them & said the lead singer is quite the dish. I wonder if he’s single?

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