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Today, we had to work out what a “reckie” is/was. Why? Because in a planning meeting/meaningful discussion in the Big Chill recently, the word was brought up by the most recent addition to Team Killing Moon in reference to what we should be doing with regards to a single launch show that we’ve got cooking. Subsequently the word has been used in conversations directed toward our person, and we have thus far had to feign a vague understanding of what the fuck was being asked of us. We have had similar experiences in the recent past in relation to the colloquialisms “natch” and “peng”. For those in a position mirrored to our own lack of “being down with lingo of the 90’s-born generation”, a “reckie” is slang for reconnaissance, “natch” means naturally, and we really still don’t know what “peng” could possibly mean other than some kinda smell. Soundtracking our unquenchable thirst for needless knowledge are the appropriately-named Atlas Genius, who arrive on the scene with Trojans, a track so fresh of the indie buzz-saw (see what we did there?) and so boastful of references to Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club and Wombats, although on a personal level we are reminded strongly of Death Cab‘s Title & Registration, that it has got the pop-factory Neon Gold in quite the tizz over it. We find it rather amusing that a good proportion of the online music community has commented on the band’s Australian-ness as some sort of so-hot-right-now badge; in our opinion, some of the best guitar music ever made has stemmed from that neck of the woods, and with this we guess they’re not showing any sign of slowing down any time soon.

Atlas Genius – Trojans

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