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Interview: To Kill A King

Remember that little excursion we took to Nottingham quite recently for Dot To Dot? ‘Member that? Well, as a refresher, we essentially spent the day living up to and beyond our own expectations of ingesting a large amount of live music, which apparently is what you’re supposed to do at one of these city-takeover style events. Some acts were quite the waste of time; others had us crying out for more and made it that bit more difficult to move on to the next venue due to the fact our bottom jaw had gaped wide open, thus allowing our tongue to roll out onto the floor (it tasted great) like some kinda fleshy pink tongue-carpet. At the forefront of this latter segment of performances were recent Virgin Records-signees To Kill A King; having been lucky enough to witness round 2 of this folky equivalent of a WWE main event Battle Royale triple threat between Ravishing Rick Rude, Andre The Giant and Hacksaw Jim Duggan (so, like, Noah & The Whale, Mumford & Sons and Frightened Rabbit) last night at The Bull & Gate, we then went on to totally luck out by grabbing bandmatey Ian for a wee chatette…

Could you introduce yourselves for the hi-brow readership of the Killing Moon blog?
Alloallo, I am Ian, representing To Kill A King, a London-based indie-folk-rock group. We like to take the often strong narrative aspect of folk music while using and borrowing sounds from other genres to create something that you’ll hopefully really love.

Favourite release of the last 12 months, and why?

God I love music. Ok, I’m going to take some liberties with the question and go for the last 18 months, the release being Gorilla Manor by the immensely good Local Natives. As representative of (and performer in) the band To Kill A King I’ve chosen something that most of the band loves with a fiery passion and has enjoyed live; they are original, accessible, very quirky, fun, at times woeful, at others rapturous, have monster harmonies and one of them has a delightful moustache that inspired me to try and grow one for a month.

I failed.

[KM – You are indeed a true libertine Ian. Fear not, for we are not vexed with thee on account of your liberty-taking. It takes a brave soul to not only admit they were inspired to grow a delightful lip-rug, but also to be modest enough to reveal their own inadequacies in said attempt in light of those holiest of moustachey grails, such as those possessed by Local Natives, takes a bigger man than we’ll ever be. You did good, kid. Real good. Although that being said, we genuinely feel that real men have beards. Something to think about there. Your A&R guy at Virgin will say the same thing. Listen to him/her. He’s/She’s trying to help you out.]


Favourite show of the last 12 months, and why?
Obviously we all love percussive jazz cello music, and a few months ago I saw one such artist called Ayanna Witters play at the Southbank centre. She was absolutely incredible, technically superb and emotionally really powerful. I shed a tear but pretended to have a runny nose so powerful it ran up my nose, into and then out of my eyelid.

[KM – Ah, the old bogey-eye. Pretty good Ian. Prettaaaaaaaay good. Real man talk.]


If you could moon anyone, or anything, who or what would it be?

I’d moon the moon and try and embarrass it for being so rude.

[KM – You’re our second ever interviewee to have beef with the moon, what’s the deal? WHAT HAS THE MOON EVER DONE TO YOU PEOPLE?? You have, however, saved us another needless Google Images search, which we are very grateful for. We’ve got way too much shit to do this evening.]

You’re about to be killed. You get to pick one song to hear before your inevitable demise. What’s it gonna be?

“I’m gonna live forever” from smash musical Fame.

[KM – You’re blowing our minds now, Ian. Are you sure we’re not related? Here is a video of a bald man doing “it”.]


Killing In The Name Of, or Dark Side Of The Moon?
Well, tough choice, I mean the Beatles and Radiohead are two of my favourite groups, so eeerm… Killing In The Name Of does have some wonderful strong arrangements so yeah, let’s go with that.


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