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Kyla La Grange
“Been Better”

This l’il lady needs no introduction, mainly because we’ve already introduced her – although describing her as “l’il” is possibly the understatement of the year by us so far, and believe us we’ve made a few. Our very favourite Kyla La Grange, fresh off the back of a couple of big ass shows, including stints at SXSW and a tour with some guy called Wolf Gang (that was also a bit of sarcasm right there – we’ve been getting in trouble recently over our over-use of witty repartee, which obviously does not translate that well over text format. Which is a sign of how great writers we truly are…), the big one is about to drop as Kyla has unveiled the video for her Chess Club Records-pushed single Been Better. The first video to feature up-close-and-personal shots of her bandmates lubbly faces, the clip also features Kyla’s pouting lips (nothin’ wrong with that…), a few barnyard animals, and a lot of burning of sheet music – chart topping visuals, we think you’ll agree, combined with Kyla’s trademarkable rusty vocals all atop a Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s Gold Lion-emphatic track, and you’ve got the recipe for someone with a very bright future ahead of them.


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