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Professor Penguin

First cometh the sun, then cometh the HEATWAVE. Big ass moon lovers as we may well be, we sort of wish that this glorious weather never goes away. But now having just said that, you lot know as well as we do that this is just flash-in-the-pan stuff, that your iPhone forecasts are complete bullcrap, and that family day out and/or BBQ you’ve been planning around this weekend is going to go tits up the moment you step outside between Saturday 00.00 hours and Sunday 23.59 hours. It’ll never last, says we. We also says that our latest recipients of the Track O’ Today award, sponsored by Zippo (no, really, we are talking to them. We really are! Although technically/legally that means it’s sponsored by fuck all), the fantastically-named Professor Penguin, deserve to last forever if this glistening diamond of a tune is anything to go by. Present draws on the vocal and lyrical genius of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, mashed up with acoustic sentiments from the completely underrated release of yester-year by Owen Holmes‘ (bassist of Black Kids fame) Gospel Music, and, yes, the string section would probably whoop Arcade Fire‘s if these two planets were to collide with one another. With a main stage slot confirmed at everyone’s-favourite-festival-sprung-from-a-kid’s-back-garden LeeFest this summer, the only way these guys could impress us further is by actually wearing penguin suits and tummy-gliding into their set with Salt N Peppa’s Whattaman blasting over the PA. Which, let’s face it, may well happen.

Professor Penguin – Present

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