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Tex Taiwan

While we’re 89-90% sure Nu-Rave died out along with the NME’s readership circa 2007, there is just that…something… about Antwerp’s (that’s in Belgium for the geographically-challenged) Tex Taiwan that is just so rage-inceptive that we would fully expect Andrew WK to kick back his piano and/or keyboard seat, hop on that beast and start pounding his man-chest in yet another valiant attempt to party his very hardest upon getting a load of this effort. Signed up to Bristol-based trancey envelope pushers Glassnote, and with an album expected on the way by 21st June (which we have only just now realised is this very month) Labyrinth draws on and transposes the very elements of what made Atari Teenage Riot, Test Icicles and Crystal Castles so damn interesting in the first place, with perhaps a l’il bit of Be Your Own Pet thrown in for additional punk points. Warning: pumps and sweatbands are recommended before pushing the play button below, in order to fully enjoy the experience. But absolutely under no circumstances are glowsticks to be used. We don’t care if you’ve been saving it in the freezer for the last four years especially, just don’t do it. If you’re getting one out right now, you can seriously fuck off.  Go on – off you fuck.

Tex Taiwan – Labyrinth

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