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Introducing…Hey Sholay

Sheffield’s cool. As firm Londonites (well, at least one of us) that supposedly personify all the regional-based snobbery that our nation’s capital has been famed for – we once told a few people that we consider anything outside the M25 to be “The North” (regardless of the geographical location of any particular habitable conurbation), which we promptly stopped doing when it became abundantly clear how utterly stupid it made us look – the one day trip that we took to Sheffield in the last 5 years left quite the impression upon our mind-heads. They got a pretty sweet University campus. They got The Corporation venue. In terms of producing musical talent, they’ve kinda kicked the shite out of most other places, including Arctic Monkeys and Jarvis Cocker to the city’s credentials. In continuing that fine export tradition, Hey Sholay have arrived…


In all honesty, not that we aren’t honest all the time anyway, we have been racking our brains to think of some suitable like-bands to provide some sufficient descriptive context to our latest obsession. It’s not that easy. Hey Sholay instantly strike you as one of those rarities that have an air of uniqueness about them –  but, hey, we’ll give it a bloody good go anyway. The few compositions that are already available online could be said to fall firmly in the Cold War Kids Park, reachable via a 5 minute drive on Team Me Avenue, briefly stopping off at the Local Natives petrol station to fill her up and say hi to the Arcade Fire and The Walkmen dudes. And if that’s not ridiculous enough a metaphorical description for you, why not try listening to the music for yourselves and become immersed in how brilliant it really is? Yeah, do that.

Hey SholayDreamboat

Hey Sholay – The Bears, The Bees, and No Clocks

Here be the “Where Are They At Now/What They Be Doing Soon” bit. Having been prepping themselves for a double A-side single of the two soundclouded tracks featured just above, scheduled for release in June (which is pretty soon), the band are also currently cruising through a UK tour which, fortunately for us and everyone else concerned, touches down in London for Communion @ Notting Hill Arts Club (5th June) and for their single release show at the Bull & Gate (27th June) later on in the month. Get your monkey arses down to either or both.


Hey Sholay – Gold Teeth and Goodbyes (A Song For Sparrows)

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