“Hang on a minute, you’ve written about these already”, or so we can vibe you vibing. Not true, sports fans. Red Kite is the latest musical incarnation of a former member of The Cooper Temple Clause, one Daniel Fisher, who has taken it upon his fine self to announce the arrival of his latest outfit towards the end of March of this year. They also could not sound more different than our previous-blogged-about-with-a-similar-namesake Red Kyte, who are more pop punk than shit. Fisher’s new tunes display the song craftsmanship of a player at the top of his game, vocal patterns that would take Turin Brakes down a notch or two, and an arrangement of various stringy instruments that would make his former outfit a bit annoyed they’re not keeping up in similar fashion. Two shows have been announced – the Labour Club in Northampton on the 27th May, and Bull & Gate in London on 2nd June – and you can bet your nostaligic ass that we’ll be down for at least one of them.

[bandcamp track=3016583874  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

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