We really don’t know much about undergroundsters Fathers, other than one of the duo’s number probably looks something like the dude in the picture above, and that they reside in Cincinnati and/or Leicester. Transatlantic collaboration of epic proportions? Quite likely. Dads campaigning for paternal rights in child custodial battles? Probably not. Purveyors of dreamy electronic beats-turned-acoustic pop? For sure. Very much an accidental discovery, but very much a welcome one nonetheless, this gem of a track kicks off by creating the atmosphere of a volta being played for a Tudor monarch, grabbing the senses of the listener and spinning them in four different directions. Then as quick as you can say “dance, m’lud?”, it shoots off into a super cool Sleepy Jackson-esque number. Our boys in the mighty Chappo would most likely approve of this epic star-gazey little tune. Listen below and prepare to be chilled.

Fathers – Tailspin

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