Just One Last Thing…Deciding Whether The Strokes’ New Single Is Good Or Not

Finding new music, for a start, isn’t easy. Finding new music that’s actually good is even less easy. Listening to new music from bands already well-established and perhaps you feel are a little to big for their boots and deciding whether you like it or not, free from outside influence or interference, is damn near fucking impossible. This week’s Twitter banter was dominated by infinite props and big ups to new talent, what was going down at the Royal George in lieue of a decision being reached as to the winner of the XFM New Music Award thingy, and, perhaps more relevantly, the new single from The Strokes. We have a very love/hate perspective on these folks. Perhaps it’s to with standard elitist music critic bitchiness; whether we’re drunk enough to dance or not; or maybe we’re just too damned used to sitting on the fence – for yesterday, we hated this tune, and today, we’re struggling to get it out of our heads. Which might be something to do with Radio 1 and XFM playing it everyhouronthehour. The video below just about sums up the jumbled subject matter we’re on about that right now we feel as if we’re not articulating properly (particularly from 1m38s in).



The Strokes – “Under Cover Of Darkness”

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