The Accusers
“Twenty One”

Northampton’s The Accusers‘ Soundcloud page makes it sound as if they’ve recently discovered Fruitloops, or have been experimenting with some as-retro-as-most-computer-simulated-polaroids app on an iPhone 4 to come up with some really soft synthy beats. However, listening between the proverbial lines gives a hint of something a bit more special: “a dark and twisted blend of brooding guitars, synth drenched rhythms and epic sound[s]” with ghostly dual vocal harmonies, to be precise. If these guys were linked up to a shit-hot producer there’s little doubt in our minds they could turn into quite the success story, and could easily stand toe-to-toe with the more recent harvest of the indie-guitar band crop like Morning Parade or Belgrade. Fingers crossed eh? The guys have posted a whole bunch of demos up on the page linked above, but feel free to have a listen to the one we’re currently digging the hardest, Twenty One, below.

The Accusers – Twenty One (Demo)

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