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Live: Kyla La Grange, Bull & Gate (MBBTYB Presents), 8/2/11

Arriving in a somewhat hurried motion at Kentish Town’s famous Bull & Gate venue, we are instantly greeted by a mammoth guestlist queue, and an even mammoth-ier queue for the bar. There are music industry folk everywhere – publisher A&R’s, record label scouts, PRs, pluggers and, of course bloggers, all huddle together in a secular manner discussing the recent move by the coalition government in respect of abolishing corporation tax for City boys and, amongst other things, the first act performing this evening Kyla La Grange.

Only very recently has Kyla taken the logistical step up of assembling a full live band (that being a guitarist, bassist, and a pretty dynamic drummer) in the run up to unleashing her soulful singer-songwriter sounds upon the world at large. Taking to the stage clad in a black leather ensemble and bowie-style blue eyeliner, Kyla backed by her three new bandmates launch into a storming rendition of recent single Walk Through Walls, at which time the audience begin to fully appreciate exactly how far the young lady has come in a matter of months. We subsequently receive a 25-minute treatment consisting of both new songs being showcased for the first time and old solo efforts that have been amped up and made, well, better. Somewhat disappointingly the band chose not to play live favourite Vampire Smile; however if tonight is anything to go by, this young lady should go on to do very well indeed.

Words: Achal Dhillon

Picture: Debbie Scanlan,

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