Introducing… League

London-based League are Jorge Ribeiro and Jose Tornada (according to their Facebook page. If those are indeed their real names then that automatically makes them cooler than space), both former students, one studying to be an architect and the other to be a journo. Since diverting themselves away from their scholarly persuits, the two have created some of the most innovative electro-pop and are burning up the ears of many a blogger with their energetic disco beats, drawing sonically from yesteryear kings of that ilk such as Klaxons, MGMT and Empire Of The Sun (and let’s chuck a nod to recent Neon Gold signees Strange Talk, who we chatted about a good while ago).


Upon listening to the music and occasionally glancing up at the new-age-fun-with-a-vintage-feel press shots the dudes have up at the moment, there is a growing sentiment of being marooned, or finding oneself in strange new surroundings with a child-like inquisitiveness about the environment around them. If this is indeed the case, League have ultimate decided that if they’re here, they’re going to make the most of it and throw the best goddamn party you ever did see, and everyone’s invited. Certainly this band are very current given the aforementioned influences and no doubt will attract indie, pop and dance kids alike (which is a music marketing man’s DREAM, kids), but given the effort that has been put into this project in a DIY way, Killing Moon believes they’ve got the integrity and certainly the ambition to accomplish great things in the not-too-distant future.

League – “Golden Maps”

League – “Come Out Hyper”

No shows on the horizon for the time being, as the clever chaps instead have opted to focus on the whole “band” thing of writing further big tunes and looking to flex some production muscle. With any luck we’ll be seeing a lot of these chaps this summer when festival season well and truly kicks in. Incidentally, they’re looking for a London-based drummer – if you think you have the tools and the talent, why not drop them a line?

League – “A-61”

League – “Tiger’s Bow”

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