There’s not a great deal we actually know about the new rulers of Cardiff indie VVolves, not on a personal level at least. In particular, there is an ongoing debate within camp Killing Moon as to whether the name is pronounced with a teutonicly-tinged “V” or whether it’s just the standard “W”, to which we are pretty much split down the centre. Here’s a brief run down of what we do actually know:

– There are at least four boys in this band

– They are almost certainly from Wales

– BBC Radio 1’s Bethan Elfyn has been bigging and gigging them up

– They played SWN in Cardiff in October last year


VVolves – “Vogue”


We also know that these guys could probably stand toe-to-toe with Foals and Two Door Cinema Club, given half a chance. VVolves play jingly-jangly spikey dance-orientated guitar music (similar to KM’s own Muscle Club) – think Three Trapped Tigers with a steadier pace, with Super Furries’ Gruff Rhys giving it some welly on the vocal front with Klaxons wailing away in the background. It is, quite literally, music to our ears. Despite the amount of references we’ve given to place this band, the sound really is far too dynamic to nail down into any particular place – resulting in one of the most refreshing sounds we’ve heard for quite some time.


VVolves – “Wolves”


VVvoles – “Sailing From Youth”


So what’s the vibe with these dudes right now? Well, no plans for London shows yet. But not for long, if we’ve got anything to say about it. With two single releases under their belt (in the form of Wolves (spelt with a “W”) and Vogue – see the soundcloud embeds above), we’re eagerly awaiting the meteoric rise of these boys in the coming 6 months…



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