Band of Horses

Band Of Horses

In all honesty, we only started liking Band of Horses last year. Some say this is due to the incessant plays and replays that took place in in the offices of Almost Gold Recordings/Quest Management, forcing your Killing Moon heroes to succumb to the dulcet tones of the 5 bearded men from Seattle. Others say that once we finally discovered that this was indeed not Pulled Apart By Horses, neither Horse The Band (even though we like both as well, equally, if not more than our subject matter) then we opened our hearts to said-beardies. Either way, we were very pleased to hear news that not only are the band releasing new single Dilly, on Valentines Day no less, but also have a pending tour of the UK coming up throughout late January/early February, arriving at London’s Brixton Academy on 3rd February. The name Dilly holds a very special place in our hearts, seeing as that’s what one of us were actually referred to as for the majority of their Secondary School career. Check out the 70’s biker-inspired and quite frankly superbly-choreographed video for this brilliant track below.


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