Just One Last Thing…Brother

Legends of Slough, Kill The Arcade Brother, have been taking a solid internet bashing of late. Since finding fame via being touted by many as one’s to watch for this year, they’ve experienced somewhat of a backlash, predominantly from the blogging community. Perhaps this can be handed down to side-stepping the increasingly more-important net-based tastemakers on their ascension to the proverbial top, or perhaps just not many people like them. We saw them at the now-defunct Flowerpot in Kentish Town at the arse end of last year and didn’t think they were too bad. Who knows? Anyhoo, to lighten the mood a bit in prep for what looks to be a rainy-ass weekend, we came across this snippet of just how pissed off a promoter got with the band following their non-compliance with the aforementioned’s pay-to-play policy, in regards to a gig the band played in Kingston during the early days of their career. Enjoy.


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