Kristina Cox

Introducing…Kristina Cox

Yep, it’s finally happened. We’ve gone positively girl-playing-acoustic-guitar bonkers here at Killing Moon, for the last seven days at least. What, we hear you cry, is going the fuck on over there? We can only surmise that it’s a combination of the shitty London weather, having no less than two McDonalds double sausage and egg McMuffins for breakfast this week, excess Curb Your Enthusiasm, a few sleepless nights and a whoooooooole lotta beer ale (like we give a crap that it’s the new year – we’re resolving to party harder and faster than ever before, in case you can’t tell already). Also, more to the point, there is just good tunes in abundance coming from this angle at the moment. And the rule here is we just feature new stuff that’s good. And we didn’t make the rules, but by gum we’ll abide by them.


What’s instantly striking about young Scottish singer-songwriter Kristina Cox is how much she reminds us of Regina Spektor – not just in her wooning lyrics and soothing singing style, but physically she looks like the younger spitting image of the piano-tweeting Russian New Yorker. Another bizarre point of referrence is how Kerrang Radio of all people have picked up on her before most. To date, Cox has performed extensively on the Scottish club circuit and has assembled a neat following through a number of self-recorded and professionally-shot videos of herself performing her brand of melancholic acoustic pop. Add to that she’s so far supported the likes of Pete Doherty, Pearl & The Puppets and a bunch of others, and you can imagine this is something that could blossum into something quite spesh.


So what’s next? As of yet there doesn’t seem to be any sign of plans to come to the duuuuuuurty South of the UK, although that could very well be set to change given that the 19-year-old is currently holed up in a studio somewhere in Scotland recording an EP. We can’t wait to hear the results.


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