Caitlin Rose
“Own Side”

Following on from today’s theme of acoustic-guitar playing songstresses, which no doubt is influenced by the dreary sense of glum propagated by the cloud of shitty rain that has once again decided to become resident over the skies of West London (there are still dudes here who are bopping around in shorts and shirts. The absolute bastards), thus leaving us in need of spiritual aloofment, it brought a smile to our chudsey faces to learn that the prolific Caitlin (of Caitlin Rose fame) is due to tour in the next month, which includes a much-touted (literally) show for HMV’s Next Big Thing at the London Barfly on Friday 11th February.


In case you don’t know (or couldn’t tell from the video above), Caitlin had a rather popping 2010, claiming recognition for her Fleetwood Mac styled tunes in the form of such accolades as Album Of The Year’s from Rough Trade and Nashville Scene, and Best Newcomer’s in The Sun and Sunday Times. To celebrate all this, we think the gal deserves the Everest of Awards, the world-reknowned Track Of The Day on the Killing Moon Blog for the album title track Own Side, which is conveniently released in the UK next month. Congrats!


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