Films describe themselves as “a band of four boys, formed September ’08, who play jump-folk in Leeds”. We believe this to be more or less an accurate representation of the band as we now know them, despite not really knowing what the hell is meant by “jump-folk”.  We do know Leeds is a town up north, and was featured heavily in football-film of yester-year, The Damned United, starring the seemingly omnipresent Michael Sheen and Chief O’brien from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.


Displaying a somewhat ethereal vibe around the misty beginnings of their songs, Films sit very comfortably as a musical/vocal mash up between Bon Iver, Underworld, Mumford & Sons and Interpol. Yes it is that bloody good. Sadly they don’t seem to want to budge from their native Leeds for the time being, but rest assured as soon as they do we’ll be on it. Or heck, we’ll probably just go there.


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