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  • Soooooooooooooo. Royal Blood. Numero uno. Pole position. A lot of fuckin' sales. Bigness. One of you lot owes us a fiver. We know that's not going to happen. Let's just say a lot of people owe us a lot of fivers for similar accolades. Hell, maybe we'll take such matters into our own hands one day. Maybe we're building up to doing just that. Anyway, enough about us and our ostensible claim on something that really we had very little to do with personally. Let's talk about you. How was your Monday? Did you succumb to certain rumours about certain bad things happening on certain tubes today? We sure as shit did. But it just happened to coincide with yet another marathon along the length but not so much breadth of Kensington High Street. We have spent more time in other people's office perfecting our head-nodding and foot-tapping technique today than we have in our own, although to be fair we'd likely be doing much the same round ours instead of round theirs anyway. It's a good time for music, generally. To further...

[Track Of The Day: Wonder Wonder "Body Gold"]

Soooooooooooooo. Royal Blood. Numero uno. Pole position. A lot of fuckin’ sales. Bigness. One of you lot owes us a fiver. We know that’s not going to happen. Let’s just say a lot of people owe us a lot of fivers for similar accolades. Hell, maybe we’ll take such matters into our own hands one … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Summer Ghost "Milk"]

Day two of toddling about like someone’s placed something up the wrongun went okay. We’ve noticed it really isn’t, perhaps in indirect reference to one of many favourite Alkaline Trio lyricisms, that attractive to complain about one’s sore back when one’s back is indeed sore. We’ve been told its the stress and the incidental sleep … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Speak Slowly "Opal and Chrome"]

We’re pretty sure that as we grow ever closer to becoming real old – a fact we are continuously reminded of by our adoring flatmate Tim on the reg, who in fact aged overnight himself to the mad-ripe age of about 13 yesterday – that our body is going to give out before our mind. … Read more

[Track Of The Day: James Canty "Strangers"]

Well, that took a day to slip right back into. Our fast-food addiction, we mean. Last night, we were so good. We were almost an adult. We went to the bloody shop and bought these things called foodstuffs. We cooked the foodstuffs. We felt pretty good about it and ourselves before during and after. Then … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Grace "Like I'm Gonna Lose"]

WE FEEL OKAY NOW. It’s cool. You can carry on, as you were. Yes, admittedly we had to once more turn to the deep-fried deliciousness that is fast food to comfort ourselves – seriously, we were not in a good way yesterday, which led us to being all fusty and musty towards certain people in … Read more

[Track Of The Day: High Tension "High Risk High Rewards"/"Collingwood"]

Anyone else feeling a latent fuzzy effect from the weekend? We mean, we really lucked out with the weather huh? Were the scenery at Reading Festival’s Richfield Avenue site similar to what the London skyline currently is on this dreary-as-it-is Tuesday afternoon – and indeed it was, on the Monday afternoon that we decided to … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Fiancé "Era"]

We hope you’re having a ruddy brilliant Thursday evening. Having fun, are ya? Going to drink the shit outta some beers, will you? Friends and colleagues will aid the party atmosphere, shall they? Well, that’s just fucking great for you. We’re still in the goddamn office. We want to leave. Why won’t you let us … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Milk and Bone "Coconut Water"]

Hey, guess what? We slept like sheep counting ain’t no thang. Konked out. No nothing. We even dreamed, which doesn’t usually happen, or at least doesn’t happen very often. We believe our subconscious is both excited and anxious about Reading Festival on many counts; spliced with the most-frank chat about women in general that we’ve … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Vials "Enough"]

It is entirely possible we are succumbing to stress, once again. The insomnia – which comes and goes with the changing of the seasons anyway, which is at least part of the explanation as to what has become a principal ailment of ours for the last, dunno, lifetime – doesn’t seem to be shaking. We’ve … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Troves "Youth In Decay"]

We managed to completely botty out of hitting up V Festival this weekend. Gutted. We became a prisoner of our own (then) miserable body which only just about got us outdoors on Sunday to watch something called “The Football”. This meant that we managed to miss Sons & Lovers slay/lay waste to/party up/etc the rapturous … Read more