• How the bloody hell was your weekend? Ours was great ta, cheers for asking. We did a talk thingy to some people who allegedly wanted to hear us talk (as you might imagine, we like to talk a lot) for our chums at the PRS who thought it'd be great to put us on the spot in terms of working out just how the fuck we fund stuff, and how we blag money off other people on the reg. We can't imagine many people left fulfilled in either respect, but we were left slightly put-out due to the fact that everyone seemed to have business cards other than us, including most members of the audience. That was cool. We then spent the majority of Sunday visiting family members - first to Hendon to see our slightly-older-than-us sibling, and then on to Ealing to effectively crash out hard on our parent's sofa (seriously. Best. Sleep. Ever) but not before buying them a pint and a pizza at one of the borough's fabulous upmarket bistro which reminded us so much of Highgate that we're now not very surprised that we've settled in that neck of the North London...

[Track Of The Day: FORINT "Prisoner"]

  How the bloody hell was your weekend? Ours was great ta, cheers for asking. We did a talk thingy to some people who allegedly wanted to hear us talk (as you might imagine, we like to talk a lot) for our chums at the PRS who thought it’d be great to put us on … Read more

[Track Of The Day: RedFaces "We Ain't Going Down"]

“Do you like RedFaces mate?” we were asked this afternoon by Killing Moon land baron-turned-infrequent requester of management contacts (and now we guess we can add tipster to his ever-growing list of accolades) Andy Allen of BSI Merch infamy. “Sure”, we replied. “We’re used to embarrassing the fucking shit out of everyone we speak to”. … Read more

[Release: Fickle Friends Announce Debut EP Via Killing Moon]

Perception is a funny old game. A lot of the time we see the internet-at-large the modern embodiment of what ancient republics used to call “the mob”. That means “the people”. The people in all their non-accountable and certainly-louder-than-they-are-in-real-life glory. There is very much a two-sided coin to the modern miracle of instantaneous communication; if … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Anna Straker "One Lover"]

We are absolutely devastated to report that we didn’t get around to writing a blog post yesterday. Which really sucks. Sadly we got bogged down with meetings, requests whereby people ask us for money and vice-versa for a plethora of different purposes (all legit, FYI), talking to Ben, ignoring Ben, that sort of thing. Oh, … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Safari Gold "Howl"]

Oof. Drinking on a Sunday ain’t the one, kids. Even if you are larging it up with Jon “Big” Mac at a well-known East London la-dee-dah haunt (that’s not a bad roast, Shoreditch House. Not bad at all); when the beers are flowing on penultimate hours of a weekend that was largely exclusive of the … Read more

[Track Of The Day: The Connectors "Half Measures"]

A nippy weekend, all in all. Yesterday we ventured out to the Science Museum  (following having a we-shit-you-not dream about going to the Science Museum the night before) with a three-strong Finnish contingent, and despite wearing four layers, we were nippy throughout our pilgrimmage to West London. We believe this contributed to our oversight of … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Paris Pickpockets "I've Got The Hots For You"]

Well, would you look at that. The fuckin’ sun is out! Praise Jah! Or Ra! Whatever! Given our current track record this week of crackin’ jokes in general, and more specifically in the vein of mad punnery skills which take lesser folk a good 5-10 minutes to appreciate because we’re, like, way smarter than them … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Mysteries "Newly Thrown"]

  Our whole concept of how things once given are inevitably taken away seems to have been turned on its head in the last couple of days via finding a degree of solace and calm from a place that, ironically given where that place is, we certainly didn’t expect it. We had a day off … Read more

[Track Of The Day: North Division "Smother Me"/"Coalesce"]

  You know what happens when you’re left in a green room with a bottle of jagermeister (not one of those miniature-sized pussoir bottles either, the normal size) following a really fucking good (and, some might argue, rather cathartic) debut show from one of the guys that you’ve been working with for a while (who … Read more

[Track Of The Day: A.CHAL "Gazi"]

It’s not easy being born with an unusual name. Given amount of times that we’ve been subjected to mispronunciations and in some extreme cases outright ridicule – we distinctly remember back in nursery school being bollocked by the nursery school lady in front of the whole nursery school class that we were in fact pronouncing … Read more