• Hey! Warm innit! So warm in fact that the internet in the office has decided to give up on life (fibre optic as well. Huh) so what you are witnessing now is the literary prowess of, well, us being harness by the inevitably power of 4G. That's right. We're data-tethering the absolute fuck out of this beauty, and this makes us feel that our £50 a month all-you-can-eat style mobile package has indeed been worth it despite the almost-inexcusable (the excuse as we understand it is that every other mobile phone/network provider is fucking the rest of the world, so that makes it alright) international charge rates that we took a financial fucking for in recent months. Tell you what though; with the open skies over London yesterday, thereby allowing the direct sunlight to impact on us all - and more importantly the asphalt in the streets that have turned out to be the most heat-retaining and -eminating thing of ALL TIME - we actually prefer this kind of humidity. We burn too, y'know. Positively burning up our soundtrack for this tropical...

[Track Of The Day: SuperGlu "Diving Bell"]

  Hey! Warm innit! So warm in fact that the internet in the office has decided to give up on life (fibre optic as well. Huh) so what you are witnessing now is the literary prowess of, well, us being harness by the inevitably power of 4G. That’s right. We’re data-tethering the absolute fuck out … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Heroics "Flutters"]

Never under-estimate the power of a good song. Or one. The number one, that is. Our mum said this weekend that the music business, or perhaps just the facets that we happen to be involved with (which happens to be quite a lot of them, we realise as we’re typing that), as she understands it … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Stefan Pruett "When You're With Us"]

You know, we’ve gotta hand it to you Glastonbury. Actually, we have to hand it to pretty much all UK festivals of note. You sure know how to get people off our back. You control the workflow. You set the mood. You (apparently) regulate the weather. Its really quite something. The last couple of weeks … Read more

[Track Of The Day: COUNTRY “Africa, What You Doing With All The Bottled Water?”

“What even IS Mac DeMarco?” a gaggle of Killing Moonsters and associates (pka Bev) just put to an unsuspecting Ben Soep. The honest to science truth is that we really don’t know what’s happening or just who the bloody hell anyone is in chart music world a lot of the time. That’s not the way … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Shiners "Karma (Is Coming To Get You)"]

We’ve got a serious problem. Yeah, har har, but yeah seriously we’ve got a problem. Upon waking, we could only think and understand others in the form of drum noises. We think it is something to do with absolutely crushing the living fuck out of Panic Studios’ fairly standard-issue-albeit-probably-in-the-best-nick-we’ve-seen-of-late Pearl Export for about 3 or … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Canvas "Growing Up"]

Feels like we haven’t written on this bugger for a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal long time. It’s that whole resonance effect thingy. A moment passes on Planet Killing Moon; seemingly a million moments pass elsewhere. Or is it the other way round? Dunno. Too tired. Which is a bit shit for a Monday isn’t it; and doubly so … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Bones "Pretty Waste"]

  Hey mang! You goin’ Strokes tonight at Hyde Park? Yeah mang, we gots the two-pound-fiddy tickies! Say what? You got ‘em too? How’s about you? No, shit, you as well. And you? AND YOU? Annnnnnnnnd bloody everyone.  Apart from the poor sods who forked out, like, a million quid for the tickets. We feel … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Joy Atlas "Dismount"]

Bit schweddy today innit. Yeah, that kind of muggy-ass sweat-inducing air that is so heavily pollinated that it makes those lucky enough to be born with anti-histomines in their blood (or, indeed, just born without histones if we’re getting super biological about it, which we are) succumb to the dreaded hayfever. This is definitely the … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Glad Hand "Been One Thing"]

  Gotta be honest with you folks. No, seriously, we find it very tricky to refrain from fucking people up with the truth these days. Sometimes it gets us in trouble. Sometimes it gets us rapturous applause and big-ups pertaining to telling “it” like “it” is. Other times, people talk over us, giving us the … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Young Tide "NSFW"]

Oh heeeeeey, what is UP? Everything’s real warm and sunny both on the inside and on the outside for us. Yeah, still on that happiness trip, we are. Get over it. So we got our New Moons Vol IV announcement out and about finally. They say the trick (or one of many, it seems) to … Read more