• Anyone else feel like they've been robbed of a night of sleep right now? We don't get it. Stayed in office till 8pm. Got home with additional cargo of food from co-op destined for the cooking pot for the first time in, like, a million years (as far as we're concerned) in a vain attempt to impress ladyfriend and Tim-friend by way of showing that we don't live out of a KFC bucket ALL the fucking time. Konked out. Went to bed. Annnnnnnnnnnd then woke up what appeared to be 5 seconds later. Having consulted a number (well, two) of people this morning, everyone seems to be in a similar state. Have we been abducted by them alien thingies and they had their way with us over an 8-hour period? Yeeeeah, think about that for a sec. Or perhaps we're all living in The goddamn Matrix. Or something. Anyway, although this hasn't improved our ability to write about anything of any consequence to anyone ever, we're not prepared to let the energy slump salt our game. Too much shit to do. Spurning us on this sleepy-yet-surprisingly-crisp Autumn...

[Track Of The Day: Masakichi "Spring"]

  Anyone else feel like they’ve been robbed of a night of sleep right now? We don’t get it. Stayed in office till 8pm. Got home with additional cargo of food from co-op destined for the cooking pot for the first time in, like, a million years (as far as we’re concerned) in a vain … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Devotions "Returning To Bones"]

Yesterday was the first time in quite a while – especially following our now-infamous journey to the so-called old country where we, y’know, ate loads of food, saw some palaces, thought and largely discussed life and shit, etc – where we felt our world was ending. What goes up must inevitably come down, as some … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Weaves "Shithole"]

  CMJ. Seeeeeeeee emmmmmmmmm juuuuuuuuuuuuy. Are we pissed off that we’re not going? People have indeed tried to wind us up about it this week, whether directly or indirectly. Jon Mac and buddy-boy Andy Savours were giving it all “oooooooooh you’re going to miss out big time, you twat” on Friday night whilst we were … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Pope "Beast"]

We were going to write a rather typical and lengthy-worded blog post about, well, any old shit that we’ve been up to (we’re hungover today, if you care and/or are at all still surprised by such a revelation anymore). Heck, we might still do. But all of the wonderful tales of the neverending adventures endured … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Echotape "Whiskey Bar"]

Today is one of those where we feel we’ve done fuck-all, but in fact we have done quite a lot indeed. What have we done today? Well….we ordered a cleaner to come and, y’know, clean at our resident stomping ground and/or the mean streets of Highgate this morning. That was good. We came to the … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Singles "End Of The World"/"Morgan Freeman's Birthday"]

We got picked on by a schoolchild on the way into work this morning. Well, ok, let us revise that statement. By “picked on” we mean “shoulder-barged-into-to-impress-the-person-in-question’s-school-buddies” who took great delight in bearing witness to this display of male dominance; by “schoolchild”, we mean one of those weird stages of adolescent development whereby, in the … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Yeesh "Hot Jupiter"]

  We’re cranky. Ben noticed as soon as we walked through the door. He saw our weakness, and by heck did he ever take advantage of this new-found vulnerability. He poked. He teased. He joked. He stopped one step short of basically doing what we do to him on a regular basis, which is catching … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Francisco The Man "Big Ideas"/"It's Not Your Fault"]

Euuuurrrrrrgghhhhhhhuuuuuyeayuh. How are you? Did we see you the other night? Did we remember to kiss the prettiest girl at the right time? Did we remember to say cheers? Did we make sure that everybody had a good time? We have a few answers, but more far more many questions than that beyond the aforementioned. … Read more

[Interview: Salt Ashes]

We had a chat with the new intern yesterday – who is also, coincidentally, the first member of the more refined gender group (and that’s women, before you start getting clever and all punned-up about it) to grace the overglorified living room/office that constitutes the hyve of Killing Moon daily activity – about what they … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Human Human "Lips"]

We’ve done fuck-all work today. Well, that is at least our perception of the situation that was the perpetual meeting-fest that largely constituted today. We’ve spent more time on the office sofa today than we ever have before – well, the most time spent conscious on the sofa anyway, we may have had a cheeky … Read more