• We're premiering the utter shit out of everything right now, huh? It's a "look" thing, we suppose. Makes us look way more popular than we try to make out that we are. Anyway, what's going on? Chicken? Yeeeeeeah we saw to that last night, so you don't even have to worry about it. You ever tried to nail a kilo's worth of chicken wings in one sitting (plus chips, obviously)? Let us tell ya, its intense. Leaves you looking and sounding quite a bit like this guy until the morning after (sorry Iida). We still haven't had lunch yet, but that's mainly because we've been digesting this month's accounts which leaves a weirdly full feeling inside of us throughout. Or, perhaps its still the chicken in situ. Dunno. Anyway. Premieres. We're not entirely sure if this is one, but having done a quick internet-via-social media rummage it seems like no-one else has propped this up yet, so there you go. If we're mistaken, please blame Oliver Knowles of Fierce Panda. We partied pretty hard with Mr Knowles last year at Reading. He's a nice guy. And now, it...

[Track Of The Day (Premiere): JaJa OK "Give Me Your Money"]

We’re premiering the utter shit out of everything right now, huh? It’s a “look” thing, we suppose. Makes us look way more popular than we try to make out that we are. Anyway, what’s going on? Chicken? Yeeeeeeah we saw to that last night, so you don’t even have to worry about it. You ever … Read more

[Track Of The Day (Premiere): Chris Simmons "Rabbit In The Tail Lights"]

Strange, strange day. Malpas are in The Metro, and did pretty well at being in The Metro as well. Draper is on Stereogum, and following suit with the aforementioned is also not doing shit at that at all. And….AND….it is apparently National Chicken Wing Day. In the United States, as one helpful Facebook commentatoriser indirectly … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Vampire Blow "Gimme Some"]

So much to do. People to see. Places to go. Things to book. Its a lot yo. Yes, still. We are just bleating on and on and ooonnnnn endlessly about how how ruddy bogged down we permanently seem to be. Are you getting bored of our shit yet? The traffic numbers would suggest otherwise, given … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Paceshifters "Drone"]

Fuck. We need another day to rest up. A late-ass clubnight on the Friday and a pretty comprehensive wedding plot the following day do naaaaaaaaaaaaay mix well. Although both went beautifully, thank you very much. CHIMES boomed it right up at Koko, and we’ve got the Periscope video to back that shit up. Allow the … Read more

[Track Of The Day: The St Pierre Snake Invasion "Call The Coroner"]

Big day. Big night. Big weekend, non Radio 1-related (chortlechortleshittiestjokeeverloletc). How’s it all going? Got that Friday feeling yet? We have actually had to be reminded as to which day this is exactly. They’re starting to blur together. Genuinely convinced it was Thursday upon waking, which really didn’t make the tailor very happy when we … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Magnus Bechmann "Keep On Playing Nice"]

Superfunhappygottagorealsoonletsdothisblogpostasquicklyaspossiblesowecangetthefuckoutofhere alert! What’s good? Malpas‘ album launch tonight at The Islington, that’s what. Jack Garratt‘s leaving drinks is also pretty good. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the chap off as he darts off on the magical rainbow road of musical glory to lands afar, although we more likely than not will see him … Read more

[Track Of The Day (Premiere): Annabel Allum "Absent"]

We got home at 10pm last night. 10-fuggin-pee-em. We’re up to our proverbial bean bags in it right now. Turns out a Record Of The Day feature for one artist you work with; a 6 Music playlist for another; a prominently-produced record for another; and a top 20 record in a couple of territories for … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Los & The Deadlines "Feel At Ease"]

  Bloody hell. Weekend? Didn’t happen, yo. We were busier on the weekend than we were on the two-ish days previous. Seriously. We actually ran out of shit to do. Almost as if we were being punished for being too efficient. Or perhaps we were fucking things up and not realising it? Looked at our … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Nova Heart "Lacklustre No."]

Too. Many. Festivals. This. Weekend. You’ve got Latitude (and indeed Longitude, which we kinda wish we were at. We’ve never had an artist on our record label playing the main stage at quite-a-big festival before, so that’ll be nice. Or rather it would be. We’re sure it will still be nice. Niccccccccccccccccccccccce). Uhhhhhhhhh, Lovebox. Apparently … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Venice Trip "Look Forward"]

Hey, you know what’s cool about your one-month-old iPhone 6? Definitely not it’s ability to fuck us right up, that’s for sure. We started the day so fresh as well. Got over our feeling-sort-of-violated situation last night by sinking a few jars with our boy Jerry and our beautiful Finnish ladyfriend (apologies, promise-to-ourselves-not-to-drink-during-the-week. But fuck … Read more